Koode Malayalam Movie 14 7 2018 Review Rating

THE BEST MOVIE MADE BY ANJALI- THE DIRECTOR IN HER CAREER SO FAR. . Proved again that little things makes life better. There’s nothing new she got to tell but, these little things which we’ve forgotten over by the influence of new devices around us let’s us realise there’s something you’ve got to realise when you’re with your dearest ones.

I still couldn’t believe how she came across the teenage Prithviraj, Parvathy. Felt it like Prithviraj went back in his time zone to play for it with the movie crew. Anyway amazing it was. Applause to casting team. . Anjali the script writer along with Littil Swayamp(cinematograper) takes the movie to a different stage of beauty when it comes to the emotions of Joshua- his joy, hardships and how his little sister Jenny helps him in how to live life in between all these. . A highly recommended movie to watch if you wanna feel good that has good performances, visuals, music, neatly sketched real characters that will stay with even after you ends up in watching it.

Anjali Menon is a masterful craftsman of what she does best, picturing relationships and putting it on the screen.If you have seen any of her previous works, you’re thoroughly not going to be disappointed as she ventures away from writing and goes director with Koode.

Like the name Koode, is a story about a brother and a sister, their relationship and how Joshua (Prithviraj)’s life became influential after coming back to his hometown after departing for the middle east at a young age. The story then flows through Joshua and Jenny (Nazriya) whose relationship flourishes through time and age, and develops a soft engulfing story which is wholesome, heart-warming and tender.

Little Swayamp’s camera work has always been a favorite, his use of available light and under-exposing most shots is pleasing and controlled giving it that warm crusty feeling the film’s aiming for, Tying it together has to be the music M Jayachandran and Raghu Dixit a personal favorite has composed for the film, the warm melodic music engulfs and transcends the beautiful visuals from Kodai. though I wish the flow of the film could have been better, though most would argue that it’s the editor at fault, but no, Anjali Menon still needs time to craft her Direction into achieving that flow.

It’s a feel good movie, it does what it needs to and that’s all that matters.

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